Group Mindfulness

Mindfulness is focusing on the present, acknowledging your feelings—both physical and emotional—and accepting them. It's a therapeutic technique proven to reduce anxiety and improve well-being. 

Why try group mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness techniques in a group is a powerful and healing experience. Being around other people in a non-judgmental, supportive setting is reassuring, and you feed off that energy. 

Group mindfulness sessions

Our group mindfulness sessions vary from group to group, but you can expect a session similar to the following:

Grounding exercises - Start by placing your feet on the floor, hips distance apart. They should be lined up like railroad tracks. Next, feel the sensations of your feet on the floor. Become aware of your toes resting down onto the floor, feel your heel on the floor. Notice the inner arches of your feet that are not touching the ground. Bring your awareness to the sensation of your entire foot on the floor.

Face body scan - Listen below:

Breathing - Next, we'll bring our awareness to breathing. Take a full inhalation through your nose, pause at the top of the inhalation, hold the breath, then open your mouth and exhale. Repeat three times.

Body Positions - Inhale as you life your left leg, exhale and draw your left leg into your chest (or close to your chest), inhale and lengthen your left leg, exhale and lower the left leg back down to the floor. Repeat on the right side.

Listen below for more on movement:

Guided Meditation - Bring your awareness to your breath. Simply notice the sound of your inhalation. Is it quick or slow? Does it sound like a sniff? Start to make the length of the  inhalation match the length of the exhalation. Now watch the breath move through your body; how does it feel? Where is the breath now? Stay focused on the sound and feeling of your breath. And when your mind starts to plan and scheme for the day or week, kindly guide your awareness back to your breath.

Listen below for a positive-mind, guided meditation:

Join us

I lead group mindfulness sessions regularly. Please express your interest in attending a session and I'll get back to you with more details.