My story

My personal journey through mental and physical trauma inspired me to pursue a career where I can help others navigate their struggles.

Nine years ago, I was in a severe car accident and suffered from a traumatic brain injury, fractured skull, broken neck and jaw. 


Me in my fourth week of recovery at UW Medical Center. 

Now I help others find their inner peace.

I furthered my understanding of the individual healing process by working as an Urban Zen Therapist at UCLA Medical Center, Mindfulness Instructor at Seattle Brainworks, Breakout Presenter at the Washington State TBI Conference and seven years as a yoga instructor.

Given my skills, education and experience, I'm uniquely qualified to understand and advance your journey to a more stable way of living.



My brain is a snowflake

No brain is the same. No brain injury is the same. That's why your recovery process should be tailored to you.

My TBI experience at a glance:

2 months:  Living with caregiver. Isolated and depressed.

6 months: Living with new caregiver. Anxious and  overwhelmed.

12 months:  Not working. Building a routine. Unable to make decisions and had difficulty controlling my emotions.

Now:  Use mindfulness to soothe my daily symptoms of my TBI.